My First Granddaughter’s Wedding Day Ceremony December 13 2021

Clark, daughter of Rashaund,,Rashaund, GLORIA

We are all so glad about Kaynecia D Keith and Donald Johnson Wedding Ceremony December 11, 2021.

Come with me , ‘See two very special persons in my life as Granddaughter and Grandson (in-law), in True Romantic Love, share their Wedding Ceremony with the world .

My granddaughter requested my presence for her Unique Thanksgiving celebration and meal. Fantastic and unique creative meal ever by my granddaughter.

The wedding day planning continued in full force,while selected jobs were fulfilled everyday by everyone of them. I was mostly praying as I observed everyone and everything fall in place as the grandchildren and parents placed down to romantic dance rehearsals for bride&groom to the father & bride dance.

Throughout my month with my granddaughter, grandson and the mother and father of the bride. Then came the mother,aunt and many others, parts of both families and friends.

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