Respect for The ELDERLY PERSONS In Your Family Warrants Being Respectful to All Life Natural and Spiritual Good

We have all heard it in various times of our lives,”Respect your Elders”. Yet, did we stop for explanations?

As I aged through my life, the statement above became clearly critical to my well-being.. Yet, I find myself talking to brick walls as perhaps my guardians did during their times of teaching pertinent knowledge, wisdom and understanding to the young during my early years.

Who knows? Perhaps several of my family members now and in the future will take heed as I do. But, too many of them, the youths, will rather learn from hardship. Believe me. You will not want to literally learn “the hard way”.

As my mentors taught me, “Listening is an Art”. Believe me or someone else, not listening is not an option. You may need more than you bargained for. The point of this conversation is , “Respect your Elders”, is easier than being an elder and having those around you of all ages disrespecting you till no end. Yet, you are continually trying to reach them with restorative knowledge wisdom and understanding. Praying every word be taken seriously. When the young and youngest give no thought to what he or she needs to learn from you.

“Was I ever this disrespectful?” “Am I disrespectful to the young and the youngest? God. I pray that I have learned through education, mentorship, and hardships to honor my elders , the youth and the youngest human beings.

Over 60, the less hardships, the better life is during healings.

Respectfully Submitted GLORIA J Hunt KEITH publisher


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