ALABAMA IS MY BIRTH STATE. I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

Do you ever wonder why people continue to speak negatively about ALABAMA including many human beings who have lived there all of their lives?

I was born in Alabama over 60 years ago. Our family moved to Florida for better living. Yet, we lived in primed housing in Alabama. I wasn’t a happy camper in the first Florida home that our family transferred to from Alabama. But it was just a few years down the Florida road, mother designed and bought her dream home. Also mother paid off her Florida Dream home before completing her Spiritual Transformation. Mother left her dream home literally in my care.

A few years later I moved back to Alabama. My mom left Florida and my husband of 31 years fulfilled his earthly destiny. Our 3 geniuses have their independent lives working for them and our grandchildren. Respectfully, our great grandchild is growing in Florida. So, I’m back in the American State of Alabama with no major problems that I haven’t experienced in any other state within the United States of America.

Someone may question, “Have you been looking for problems in Alabama?” The answer is No. I’m a problem solver under a God-given Charge. Problems find me. And, if you’re truly interested, living in Alabama wasn’t my choice to relive. Yet, I’ve been living in Alabama over 3 years, this time around. I’m liking where I am. The city is growing. The people are good.

My 2022 life’s goal is to share ALABAMA POSITIVES. (People, places and things) I invite my readers to travel this ALABAMA ROAD of my life with me 2022. I’s anxious to share what hasn’t been shared with me. 100-1000 great people, places and things I found living in Alabama after 2020.

Respectfully Submitted GloriaJeanKeith


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