Is it an easy action? Another Black Woman T o Create a Public Show To Laugh and Inspire Others To Laugh at Another Black Woman’s Calamity?

I have sat at my desk trying to write of the positives of Life on earth. Respectfully how human beings appreciate and should be an inspiration to positive living for ourselves and others.

Yet, there is the situation that continues to blur my pathway. Most often when this happens to me,I feel better after I have addressed the issue. The issue is “Human beings laugh and encourage others to laugh at the calamities of other human beings. Especially those that are so much like ourselves. Let’s call it internalized racism.. For now.

Some of you may remember the Black American Woman on Phil Donahue sharing her story, along with her two young daughters about losing $100,000.00. Her lost was to a Black male movie maker, so she believed for about 3 years. The Black female victim thought she was actually involved into this long online texting relationship with a ‘giant’ star. The money that she was sending to this human being was a man of Great standing. Well, according to the Black woman and her daughters, she fell in love with the real man. And, he fell in love with her. And, so on and on. Dr. Phil tried to convince the Black woman that she was absolutely wrong. “Because the person lived down the street from him. He had a woman he loved and had a baby with and would soon be married accordingly exclaimed Dr. Phil.

So, just a few weeks ago, the story was again brought to the dark light. The kind that invites you and other human beings to laugh with the comic about the true sad story of another human being.

I couldn’t watch the filtering commentary. I had seen the Black female victim and heard how she was railroaded by Dr. Phil who actually remained until the end of his show, subjectively taking up for the human being that the Black female victim believed was her lover in life.

Within the past few weeks, 2021, another Black woman criticized, and made fun of this abused Black woman with two daughters, who had lost $100,000.00 to a man she truthfully thought was her precious lover.

Shame. Did Dr. Phil help this abused Black mother of two daughters get her $100,000.00 from his friend? Whether or not Dr. Phil’s friend knew or spoke to the abused Black woman victim. She lost $100,000.00 to a scammer Online who said he was the real deal for 3 years.

The Abused Black woman should have received the $100,000.00 or something in money from, perhaps, Dr. Phil’s friend or a group of the human beings in the neighborhood showing real Professional Humanitarian values.

The laughter show by the other Black American Woman should never have happened to inspire laughter at another Black American Woman. Mother with two daughters.

Respectfully Submitted


One response to “Is it an easy action? Another Black Woman T o Create a Public Show To Laugh and Inspire Others To Laugh at Another Black Woman’s Calamity?”

  1. Good Evening Aunt Gloria. THANK YOU SOUND GOOD.


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