The Elderly/Seniors Treated as Non-Human Beings by Many Humans in Professional Humanitarian Positions within America 2021.

It is past time to forefront actions of righteous legalization. Starting Now.

I, GLORIA J Hunt KEITH, have worked with three famous and fabulous attorneys doing paralegal work that won our cases including class action cases. Legal Representative in the established courtrooms for Federal cases, state cases, city, and county cases. Some personal and some objective. I researched and study law daily for over 25 years for subjective and objective purposes.

The criminal attitudes stemming from Merchant Managers lying about merchandise that we, senior citizens bought and paid for, yet never received, while we are looking at the purchase page in his store with the order number. Our name and our bank cards. The others pass themselves off as genuine senior citizens and just take as much money as they want from our banks and financial sources just to be told by our financial (trusted Institutions) that they can do nothing about it.

Let me not forget the 1st rate Cyber Security organizations that we pay $500 to annually and financial retainers between $30-50 per month for ending or finding appropriate solutions that are included in the original contacts in America.

The end of 6 months. The Seniors have lost more money. Yet none of these professions, paid services have found any solutions. Their response to you, Seniors, “No one can find every criminal.

Now USA Department of Justice had put its foot in a new document to help save America’s seniors. Saturday, November 6, 2021, I will share what I learn from this new study.


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