Never Was I, Slave Nor Criminal. Just Unjustly and Criminally, Subjectively, Oppressed. In Africa and America By Greedy Human Followers of Satan.

I am not nor have I ever been nor will ever be slave nor criminal.

Gloria J Hunt Keith

Willie Mae Hunt. My Nanny told me of the time she traveled with other humanitarians to help build Booker T. Washington’s
“Tuskegee School “. I asked my Nanny, “Was her name in the book with Mr. Booker T Washington?” My Nanny, Willie Mae Hunt said, I don’t know. But if you find it, Gloria Jean, show it to others in the family. If you don’t find it in their books. Make certain you put my name, Willie Mae Hunt in your book telling people about your grandmother and Booker T. Washington. And, Gloria Jean, don’t forget to tell them about the 30 lb cabbage your granddad grew.”

Since I am telling you about the miraculous things on my Daddy’s side of our family. Let me ask you, “Did you ever think that there are real Easter Eggs that came directly from the chickens in pastel colors of pink, blue, yellow, and green? The days I spent with my father, just before he transformed back to God, My oldest granddaughter and I actually witnessed my father’s chickens hashing pastel-colored eggs. Seriously, real Easter eggs. And, I also witnessed the rabbit that would come to my dad’s window to wake him up every morning at 5:30 AM. During those days, I spent the fondest times with my dad”, said Gloria Jean.

My prayers are continually that nor of my children, nor their children, not my grandchildren children’s children and those further down the line will ever feel that he or she has to discharge from their heritage beginning to step into darkness to acquire food or other personal life necessities just to preserve one second or more for a need nor for a tangible desire. God had already set in motion, more than enough for every individual human being to meet our individual needs. Desires? ”Delight yourself in God. Our Creator, God will give individuals the desires off her/his heart.”

I am not ”more than a slave or criminal”.

I have never been, I am not, nor will I ever be slave nor criminal.

Respectfully Submitted

Gloria J Hunt Keith #actionspeaks

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