Gloria J Hunt Keith Shared Her God Vision with Florida Representatives On Heritage and History Differences. Why Pertinent To Excellence Education of Our Children Moving Forward (1999)

Gloria J Hunt Keith Tested Her Visionary Excellence Education ACTION SPEAKS Plans with “Our Gifted/Talented Children 1970-Individualized Independence”) and others like them that lived in Gloria J Hunt Keith’s Established Communities Conducive to Our Children and others like them, Excellence Education.

Florida’s Governors/State Department of Education Representatives Assisted Gloria J Hunt Keith in Perfecting Her ACTION SPEAKS Proposal to Excellence Education and Lowering the Digital Divide in Gloria’s Established Florida Communities ( 1999- 2014.). Gloria J Hunt Keith ACTION SPEAKS Excellence Education PLAN proven “Ageless, Raceless.. Sexless…” within the State of Florida through Gloria J Hunt Keith’s established communities in the North, West, East, South of Florida State. Praise God. My shared appreciation to my husband, Arthur, Sr. Our Children, Individually. My Mother. Our Family. Friends. Associates. Primary Community of Panama City, Bay County, Florida.(YouTube and Google, continually kept Videos, Audios and Documentary Recordings of most active proven knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding of the Keith Family Vision and actuary ACTION SPEAKS Plans since 1980s. Facebook also covered ACTION SPEAKS Visionary Plan starting in the beginning of Facebook. All or most of Gloria J Hunt Keith’s Facebook media and data were impacted and compromised by Foreigners or impersonators began 2017-2021. God is yet Our Ultimate Creator and has All power to reproduce what is necessary to authenticate the heritage and history of “EVERY CHILD BORN GIFTED” as well as other media(Broadcast/Printed) composed by Gloria J Hunt Keith-parent-educator.

The Pertinence of Understanding the Difference and Submitting to one verses the other for Excellence Education of Our Children Moving Forward. Heritage and History.

Gloria Teaching Our Heritage to America’s Children and Parents in Youngstown, Florida. Mr. Bruce, a fifth Grade Instructor of one of our Gifted/Talented Children, Principal. Elementary Pre-school-5th grade. 700 students. One Black student. 699 Caucasian/Other students.
Gloria Jean Hunt Keith 
Parent-Excellence Educator of Gifted/Talented America’s Children of Color, ageless. sexless. raceless.
“Being a parent implies becoming an advocate, a preacher, a lawyer, an accountant, a teacher, a nurse, and much more. Parents hold their children’s guardianship, their proxy, their power of attorney, their custody, and their care. They are our children’s representatives in the adult society and the protectors of their legal and human rights. Parents have the responsibility for their children’s care and development 24 hours a day 365 days a year for as long as they remain dependent.” Lacrosse-1982

1999 Gloria J Hunt Keith visited Florida State Capitol to share her Vision on the Conceptional Differences of Heritage and History. Gloria J Keith explained the pertinence of the two words for Our Children to reap the Excellence Education and Full Life Potentials and Positive Benefits in a Capitalist Global System. Florida State Representatives , to whom received the valuable, yet unique description of Mrs. G Keith Visionary ideas of the inciteful connotative definitions on the differences of Heritage and History as to the importance of our children’s Excellence Education going forward , were, aptly impressed. And , now Heritage is replacing the topics within family reunions and other systematic organizations–
Gloria J HUNT Keith

Gloria J Hunt Keith-Parent-Excellence Educator Gifted/Talented Children of Color. Raceless. Sexless. Ageless.

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