How Are You Personally Affected When The World Enters Your Home. Your Space. As An Individual? What Affects Do The Global Society Have On Your Children When The Whole World Is Allowed In Your Home?

The questions above are “Thought Questions”, first. Discussion, secondly. And, third, I am respectfully asking every reader to respond on first thoughts entering your mind. 2. Write the conversation within you. 3. Consider this a conversation with your family. 4. Converse with your special friends’ group. 5. Be at liberty to respond here in the ACTION SPEAKS HERITAGE EXCELLENCE EDUCATION JOURNAL. Please. Rest assured I am not engaging with you for your money nor to make fun of you. Simply enjoy sharing real life connections with other members of Global Human Beings.

Respectfully Submitted,

Gloria J Hunt Keith


October 6, 2021

My audience will see sincerity in my Professional Humanitarian Services to other human Beings.
Gloria J Hunt Keith Over 50 years of Excellence Education and ultimate Experience with human beings all over the world.

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