How Politicians Solicit Black America’s Donations?

When Black America Became A Solicitation of Funds for America’s Politicians. The candidates had to figure the best way to extract funds , legally from this UnderServed, yet, new UnderServed Decision Makers involved in selecting Commander in Chief and the Federal, State, County, and City Elected Officials of the USA.

Black America Churches and other Religious and Fortune Tellers as well as Lone-Sharks developed a working system of acquiring Black America’s small fortunes.. So America’s Top Decision Makers decided to climb above the wheel already turning. No one expected the COVID 19 Pandemic. At least most of America. Especially, Black America. Not many Black American Voters had opportunity to save up enough money to survive, How on earth would most Black America’s Blue Collar workers. But did that matter to the politicians, religious and witch crafters as well as Long Sharks. All of these groups and individual businesses knew the money would come few and slow and in between times depending upon the ways in which Black folks would get a funds they decide to sacrifice.

The above is part I

You will have to wait for part 2

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