True. There was a time when a Black woman stolen from Africa, afraid for her life as well as the lives of husband, children and others, would submit herself to the oppressors.

There were times when Black men would give all of his strength, physically and otherwise just to survive or exist into peculiar surroundings and a strange land when ordered to do so without a penny earned, over and over again and again for many decades.

There were also times that white , brown, black and yellow as well as red females would bargain their lives and family members for a dollar bill. As time marched on, the money pot grew larger to the point of females making more money than ever before, as this global human society began blossoming.

2021. The above paragraphs cover only a few ways people sold out their humanitarian democracy. Yet, there are many other realms and rings of the oppression owned by oppressors from every walk of life, yet in a command or dictator position. Yet, respectfully. groups have disbursed into the individuals we were born to be..

One Vote is now, significant. As demonstrated in “Black Lives Matter” marches. COVID 19 Pandemic Vaccines created for all human beings were given to one at a time. Still, there are other individuals refusing one vaccination. But, within their rights as an individual human being.

One wife for one husband in a committed relationship. Some Church memberships coerce members to pay tithe and dictated offerings., while members lack enough money to pay household bills. 2021. Church members are moving to other locations and/or leaving multi worship facilities, period. Their extra or sacrificed funds have other fulfillments.

Individuality verses multiplicity when referring to individual humanitarian democracy is finally going in the direction as we are born. One by one except in special occasions.

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