Respecting Individual Rights

“I respect the rights of the Human Being to choose how one wishes to live life during the years of their independence in the earth. I also respect the human rights of the rightful parent(s) or guardian(s) to teach their children in the admonition of God, our Ultimate Creator. Yet, when I see that human beings are being coerced to being something or someone else, other than the way that God, Our Creator did not and does not approve, I intervene with truth to protect the individual victim(s) by sharing the truth with them in the brightest light, possible.

The Bible shares, “If one is overtaken in a fault, go to the Human Being in the Spirit of meekness”…that he/she may have the opportunity to make hers or his own decision, rationally, in the Sight of God, Our Ultimate Creator.

Parents, Open your eyes to the fairy tales that have changed. Be aware that we, parent-educators are not feeding our children with darkness instead of light.

Gloria J Hunt Keith, editor


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