My Research over 20 years through ACTION SPEAKS HERITAGE EXCELLENCE EDUCATION JOURNAL suggest Black and Brown Men and Women change themselves into something or someone different than who they are because of the hurt and pain of Institutionalized and Traditional OPPRESSION in its many forms.

Respectfully, today, 2021, Black and Brown don’t have to be anyone else but the Gifted Human Being God Created you to be. Parent-Educators are equipped and ready respectfully to love and care for you whether born male or female, light or dark skin, developed you or help you develop your true God given human being.


Gloria J Hunt Keith

Lying is against God. God has spoken, “A liar will not tarry in my sight”.

To every problem , God gives the right solution. The damages of the multiform of Traditional and Institutionalized Oppression are not easy to discharge. Then, the distress discharges are not so easily defined. Therefore, the resolutions are mis- stored.

Example: “Hip-Hop” has been exceptionally utilized by young Black Americans for decades. “HipHop” is a definite and a prosperous resolution for most. Notice. Those Black Americans who used “Hip Hop” and became famous. Almost everyone of them changed behaviors, whether they entered into the Capitalist system or moved further away, yet were definitely rerouted from “Hip Hop” performances. The level of “Hip Hop” has completely changed. Why? Because many of the past “Hip Hop” performers failed to leave or share their purposes to the younger generation. Starting with Language rather than harsh rhetoric hurting and harming more lives of other human beings than helping to heal their sufferings, pains and hurts.

When today’s “HipHop” performers can’t quickly find the right words, they chronically replace the right words with “Bad Language”. The message of the “Hip Hop” performer is mis-stored or lost in a world of invisibility. Sometimes the depression takes the human being along with the processed Oppression.

I, Gloria J Keith, commit to sharing ways and rational words to help these human beings heal and gracefully overcome the hurts, harms, pains and long-sufferings with truth.

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To share a Professional Humanitarian Smile with You.
Gloria J Hunt Keith

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