July 1984 Arthur J & Gloria J Keith were prosecuted for Homeschooling 3 Highly Geniuses Black Americans. Northwest Florida. The Capital through Arbitration overturned the ‘Racist Conviction “ based upon the testimony of the local County Judge coerced to make a guilty verdict from a racist 6 member jury. Respectfully the Capitol dismissed the prejudice conviction of “School Evasion “ because Keith’s confronted the school board and presented the public school proposal curriculums that work with the 3 Keith Geniuses and others like them. The Prejudice White School Board refused to consider the proposal written and approved by certified teachers and other professionals with the Keith family.

1979, aPublic School Principal came uninvited and unexpected. Mr.

Mr. Tatum stood at my door when I went to the living room. He simply appeared in my screen door. Respectfully he came in set down and said, Ms. Keith, we don’t have any challenging programs for your children. I can tell you won’t find any public nor private schools in the state for your esteem Gifted children. My husband wasn’t home at the time from NASA where he worked as an Engineer and Draftsman.

Tatum coerced us to Homeschooling our children if we truly wanted EXCELLENCE EDUCATION. for them and others like them.

We moved to another State where our Homeschooling would be established as a Children Center in the midst of Family Love and the support of our community. Arthur and I had the Curriculum (IEP) for every child. We tried working within the public schools within the County. The school board refused the program, curriculum differences of Black American children, and their inspirational likenesses, though underdeveloped.

We were pioneers for Excellence Education within our home. 3 Geniuses and others like them. We succeeded in establishing Homeschooling, child-centered and conducive to EXCELLENCE EDUCATION for every one of them.

Remember parents God gave to you. Precious Gifts. We parents must be respectfully responsible for the EXCELLENCE EDUCATION per child. Know that every one of your children I GIFTED That’s your base. Begin from there. Unlike what you have been told by others, You parent -educators with every one of your children must write your child’s IEP. By creatively developing individual curriculums for every child, parent educators can rest assured their children can acquire EXCELLENCE EDUCATION in any Child-Centered community establishment.

Love is your guiding light as long as your child follows through the positive guidelines the child helped to develop and activate, subjectively and objectively.

Gloria remains a Pioneer for homeschooling today and always. Gloria remains in the process to build the Arthur /Gloria Keith school, ACTION SPEAKS HERITAGE EXCELLENCE EDUCATION CENTER.

More to learn about Gloria Keith processing the physical Excellence Education Center providing and meeting individual needs for ‘EVERY CHILD BORN GIFTED.

God deems me respectfully Responsible.

Gloria J Hunt Keith

YouTube / WordPress and actionspeaksgjhk2021.com

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