Voting Rights is An American Birthright

So, to every person of color that is a citizen of the United States of America, know that our fight to maintain our Voting Rights is not only necessary for the politicians but for every one of us, residents within American Citizenry.

1981 Our first Black American Community Voting Registration Office Panama City Bay County Florida Deputy Registrar Director Rose Butler Assistant Director Support Eddie Johnson Rev Johnathan Brown

I don’t believe America’s People of Color realize the seriousness of “Losing Our Voting Rights”.

Without Our Voting Rights, we, Black and Brown and others like us have no  value as human beings in America.

When Arthur and I set down to discuss our vision to establishing a Community conducive to Our 3 Gifted children and others like them. The very first thing we considered, “Does this community have any decision making powers” to make righteous and lasting changes for the benefits of our children and others like them. 

If not, how will we be able to make necessary changes for a self-sustaining community?

We concluded that we have massive voters within our changing community. Legislaters. Commissions. Congressional Representatives in state and nation only listen to proposals, visions, decisions, when they come from and are supported by the voters within that arena.

So we had to initially establish a professional Voting Registration office along with voters’ education materials within our community.

Our first Black American Community Voting Registration Office in Panama City Bay County Florida 1981 with our first Black American Humanitarian Deputy Registrar Gloria J Hunt Keith wife of Arthur J Keith. Youngest child born gifted of Queen Effie Doris Hunt. Mother of the first 3 Black American Gifted and Talented children pioneers of establish communication for National education of Gifted and Talented Black American children in 1974 according to Representative and Personal Attorney at Law per letter from Center of Law/Education in Massachusetts. Respectfully Submitted ACTION SPEAKS HERITAGE EXCELLENCE EDUCATION JOURNAL 1981.

Parents and guardians must look to the futures of Our Children. Every chance we get to remind them as well as constantly educating them and others like them of our Voting Rights Act in America 2021——–

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