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Minister Gail Davenport Dresses for Sunday Morning Church Services

Gloria's Unique Vintage Boutiage Sponsors/Cordinates First Special Mission to Help Women. Coming Soon!!!
Gail Davenport ministers daily within her community. She is the Guardian Angel for this Publisher and other Women when needed. Praise God for Minister G. Davenport.

Gail is wearing a Black/white one piece dress at center leg length. The material is a multi-source fabric worn in air conditioning. Yet soft and cool in any temperature setting. Accessories: Gold Cross necklace. Black leather shoes. What you don’t see is the King James Version handy full Bible that Gail carries with her every Sunday morning to her church. Gail didn’t miss one day within the past year of Pandemic and other tragedies Gail confronts daily as she cares for the elderly. Gail’s Special Mission of GodPublished in BlogFull size1200 × 1600EditMinister Gail Davenport Dresses for Sunday Morning Church Services

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