The Great Sweet Pretend-or

You know him. Women of Color. Over the age of 50. Widowed. Divorced. Separated. The man you love. He abused you. You left him in hope he would heal himself. Yet he died killed by a black willow spider bit him while he was in a healing

state from that disease of demonic transmission of the substance he got a hold to while he fought for his country. He fought until he was bitten by the black willow who only wanted his children’Heritage.
You know now what was keeping him from showing you his love for you and his children. She bit him. Then threw him down the stairs and called his baby to come and get him. She couldn’t do anything to help him without you. As you being his wife you went to restore his health. Yet the demonic spirit had taken charge over him. You healed his body. But the demon had infected him internally. You took him to the greatest doctors in the world. But like your father it was too late. He came to you knowing if he could be healed, you had to be his light. His prayers were for you to get God to heal him after he turned away from his commitment to you and your children. You waited 15 years to find your love .
Although unexpected. Here he comes straight forward taking over your heart after you lose everything. But he committed to take care of you and your family forever. Who was this man?

The Great Sweet Pretend or

I made the very first move. Unbeknownst to me that the appreciation that I offer to everyone that demonstrates him/herself as a Professional Humanitarian. I thought of nothing else. Until this message comes to me directly thanking me for being a super fan.. Requesting my personal and private contact information. Then a request for my investments in dollars and cents and then in steam. eBay and other cards I invested to build something I thought I was building the future of our children and grandchildren…turns out he was not the alpha I connected with but he was the omega who stole everything I had build after a major lost in another state. Now I must heal externally and internally again because of this


By Gloria J Hunt Keith



Senior Citizen Americans Hire legal reps, security bests officials who therefore no criminal charges then the

Great Sweet Pretend or stole your money heart and part of your spirit to life

Gloria J Hunt Keith


Speaks on Her next screen play: “The GREAT SWEET PRETEND- or”

Yes. Ladies 50 plus. You get this first text. He’s the one you dream of all your life. The one who begins with the eternal commitment to never hurt nor harm you. The one that will never lie to you. He will never be with another woman because you are everything he wants and need. But there is an age difference. That is not a problem. You are a natural beauty. Wow! That all sounds good. The electrifying energy alone, is worth a trial to move on into this written communication. And you know his work in the world. Now he’s personally interested in you. Being a friend to help you accomplish all you ever wanted in life….Now. It comes to light or does it when he takes the first thousand dollars from you including the bank account he claims he’s helping you build as soon as his lawyer drops the hold. Texts stop coming. But you know he’s a very busy gifted business man. Nothing stops him. Oh, the Cash card he arranged for you has your money on it. But, I don’t want to activate it until he tells you the money he borrowed is on your cash card. It’s there because he committed to harm, lie, nor hurt you in any way.


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