Gloria’s Unique Vintage Boutique

By: Gloria J Hunt Keith, publisher/Editor/Reporter

Gloria J Hunt Keith, Business Owner Gloria ‘s Unique Vintage Boutique, cyber/physically.


copyrights 1980 #actionspeaks

Minister Gail Davenport is dressed in a fashionable appropriate outfit that allows her to render her dedicated services to her target group of human beings that GOD, Our Ultimate Creator entrusted Gail Davenport to minister (service) in Dothan AL .

Gloria’s Unique Vintage Boutique has been spiritually blessed by God and prepared for this upcoming challenge Gloria J Hunt Keith has never gone before. Although, God has provided Gloria with many accomplishments and achievements most human beings will attempt to trial, Gloria came through her struggles of near death, homeless, Identity theft of her private and no leins nor mortgages, God was with her every moment as God also provided Heavenly Angels around her, God walked out of fiery furnises and as Job, God restores and met all of her needs and more, yet providing her with the merchandise and products to meet the needs of other under-served human beings willing to simply make the move to Gloria’s Unique Vintage Boutique. You, too, ladies of all sizes and needs will be appropriated the fashions necessary to take the to the work or business positions they feel seriously good about and get the finances deserved for the work they do or want to do and better positions held or desired. God promised that if we “delight yourself in God, (God) will give you the desires of your heart( Biblical scripture). Look it up on Google. (Read for confirmation).

At Gloria’s Unique Boutique, online, actionspeaksgjhk2021.c0m or physically in person in NEW VISIONS MARKET PLACE 2239 THIRD AVENUE DOTHAN AL 36301 Everyday

Sunday-Saturday 9 AM- 6PM MEET MARIA. Hostess #1 Phone: NVM # 3344465907


One response to “Gloria’s Unique Vintage Boutique”

  1. Gloria’s Unique Vintage Boutique must live to fulfill it’s God given Mission. Provide and prepare ladies going back into the work system with appropriate fashions to earn decent family income for prosperous living and bettering their dignity and character.
    Respectfully Submitted
    Gloria J Hunt Keith
    Gloria’s Unique Vintage Boutique
    New Visions Marketplace
    2239 Third Avenue
    Dothan AL 36301

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