Respectfully Response To TylerPerry “ReFuse Hate “

My Understanding of Person and People

TylerPerry. I want to thank you and I appreciate you for all that you do for Americans and America. You are a great inspiration to all of us in America and the wide world. I think that some people take your suggestions, Personally as they pertain to them selves rather than others. The speech you made during the Oscars on particularly the part that you said “My mother taught me to refuse hate”. I believe that was the statement. Many black Americans took that as you saying that black Americans hate police. In the specific cases of policemen murdering young blacks does not signify that black people in America hate policemen. It is not the human side of human beings that the reactions to the policemen ‘s actions are coming from. It is the irrationality of how blacks are murdered so it is the process not the policemen not the police it is the process the actions the reactions the emotional irrationality of what is being done that anger comes in Black Americans. It isn’t hatred that Black Americans exemplify. It’s extreme anger and frustration with frequent and continuing violence against Black Americans in general. There is an absolute difference in anger and hate. I know that sometimes people are timed and what they say particularly those that respond to getting Oscars and other awards by the various traditional groups. So if you would permit me I think that when you speak you may want to consider the outcome of your speech before it’s spoken. I am a professional military and have 52 years of actually working in human behaviors and the expectations of what mom is being said and what the people want. We can always give them what they want. But God works through all of us at some appointed time to share what what human beings need. And at this time I need a greater understanding of what you say because you are in a position and perhaps the most gracious position to teach or to mentor that human beings all over the world they listen to you and listening is an art so as I said before I appreciate you I understand you and I am inspired and motivated by you. What you say and what you do I understand but most people that are still confused about what is done don’t always understand when we speak just one word can throw off the whole nation from an individual leader as you are. So the statement my motherMy mother taught me to refuse hate makes people think that you are saying they hate policeman and it is not that at all it is the irrationality the actions takeAgainst young black Americans an older black like them. Thank you again for all you do to inspire and motivate us human beings. Respectfully submitted Gloria J Hunt Keith
Action Speaks Heritage Excellence Education Journal Since 1980. It would be A Welcome address from you two specifically black America to facilitate a workshop or seminar where questions can be asked and you can answer the questions to further explain further explain your time statements to the public. I will be happyTo set this up at any time TylerPerry to black Americans or black America.Again, I respectfully submit this blog to Tyler Perry’s attention. Gloria J Hunt Keith. #ActionSpeaks

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