Difference Between “Anger” and “Hate”

Gloria J Hunt Keith

Black Americans are angry at the “Hate” demonstrated by the Policemen.

The Bible teaches us to “Get angry and sin not”. Almost every Black American has heard this from the mouths of parents and grandparents. Or, maybe they heard this in Sunday or read it in their own bible. Definition: You can get angry at the short term incidences. Or long-term. Just don’t let me catch you doing any violent crimes, hurting anyone or fighting.

Yet, white boys, are not told there is and should be a limit or a stopping point when they get angry. The history for white boys has been get angry, violent , if and when you want to. There is no limit to wrong doing for you. History demonstrates there is no limit for white boy’s anger. As a matter of fact, the tools of escalation for angry white boys are at their finger tips today. Yet, there are complexes for them to go to rather than jail houses. Brane new facilities are built with 2 bedroom apartments which they use to live-in while time in jail clearly keep the ropes tighter and tighter teaching the black boys how to hate. Something Black American Mothers refused to teach their young Black American boys.

So, you see Black America, Tyler Perry was right. Of course, Perry spoke for himself and failed to explain the details of his message. Possibly due to timed Oscars speech. Black mothers approved anger to a point. Never to the point of hate. Hate hangs, kills in ways we see now on television. Black Americans use music, rap and other sports to limit their anger. Drugs have been the most heretic discharge of these times. Still, Black America hurt more of themselves than others. Justified? Never.

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