By Gloria J Hunt Keith, founder /Publisher /Professional Humanitarian /Parent-educator

 My appreciation of TylerPerry led to being a victim of all my money scammers. Identity theft.  And a hacker or some hacker who caused  long suffering and pain and also prevented me from utilizing my yet before retirement marketable skill to replenish my emergency savings  and forcing me to borrow money that would be simply luxurious winning of TYLER PERRY GIVEAWAYS.  But everytime I met one TylerPerry challenge.  I was told I had to provide hundreds of dollars worth of STEAM CARDS  I had never heard of before this Tyler Perry CYBERCRIMES . I  keep the “World best Security Firms who all laughed at me when I told them my gruesome stories.  I am a Professional Humanitarian Parent-educator Strong-minded Black American Woman Suffragist,  How can I give up before an ending in favor of keeping other Strong minded Elderly Underserved Black American women Safeel from all of these continuing CYBERCRIMES that our paid Law and Legal representation won’t touch although they are paid to keep us security at all times. 2017, I  was a victim of the major Cyber Crimes and was bottom line homelessness while trying to heal from 1st 2nd and 3rd degrees burn while being scammed out of my retirement no more Morgan Home by a cri.inalienable relative and having the rest of my personal documents and jewelry and other worthy articles stolen from me while they were kept in the safety nets of staff at homeless shelters paid for by our American Tax money.  Will continue my story part 2 later


#actionspeaks copyrights 1980—forever plus

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