LAY THE FOUNDATION. WHEN The FOUNDATION IS LAID. Only Then Can You Build The City. TO BUILD A Community for Black Americans BLACK AMERICAN ARTISTS Must Structure the Foundation ON TRUE Heritage: OUR Birthrights. GOD, OUR CREATOR. The Blood, Sweat, and, Tears Of Our Black American Fore Parents… Progressing Onward…

The question becomes then, after clear acknowledgement. Did Black People Escape SLAVERY, alone? NO. White people helped. Native people helped . Many, many other people from many different parts of the Earth have and are always helping Black people escape the realms and damages of racism-slavery and other forms of oppression. It is fortunate that the many advocates and allies numbered a massive and abundance in America Eradication of Racism. It was like the day of Pentecost as in ACTS 3rd chapter of the King James Bible.

So, I say this to my Black Americans, be aware of those allies and advocates, when we speak openly. We don’t want to offend, especially, our allies and advocates for equality and justice for humanity. Yes, we all make mistakes. Yet, let’s try not to make errors, everlasting. For, then, our bridges are burned. We will not be able to use it again unless we repair them. It may take a lot longer that we have to eradicate Racism. Oppression has affected all human beings. Yet, in different ways. At various times. On individual levels.

Our next post will be more specific on the damages and other affects of Racism to Black America in the USA. Healing begins after we really see and know Racism and the damages of the Racism.

What will Black American Artists Do To Join Tyler Perry In Establishing Positive Unity For Our Children Success and Determination of Excellenece Education as well as other Life-Long Necessities.

What will it take for Black American Art Professionals to Appreciate Tyler Perry, A Black American who successfully built his DREAM?

Will Tyler Perry be a loner Black American Arts Professional Humanitarian Director?

Will Other Black American Arts Professionals Stop Discharge Distresses of Tyler Perry To Unite For Safety of Our Black American Children and Their Futures?

Respectfully Submitted.

Gloria J Hunt Keith


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