Alright. BLACK AMERICA. ..

We have heard it once again. I stopped counting the times, we, Black America, are the most vulnerable victims of what’s going wrong with America. The System Oppressors and the Oppressor-agents have not short of rushing through the statistics. Because they know as well as we know it will be Black America at the bottom of the barrel. Yet, before they will announce what has already been realized by the cruel and the unjust, knowing that the time for them to remove as much of the venom from the bottom in order to save as many of the most vulnerable persons alive, they simply start removing the well possible victims away before the statistics are publicly announced. So they have missed the boat of intervention and cures for the sick underdogs.

Again, I quote Dr. WEB Dubois, “The responsibility of the Negro people
Dr. W. E. B. Dubois wrote: “the responsibility for their own social regeneration is to be placed largely upon the shoulders of the Negro people, African-Americans. But such responsibility must carry with it a grant of power; responsibility without power is a mockery and a farce. If, therefore, the American people are sincerely anxious that the Negro, African-American shell put forth his or her best efforts to help him or herself, they must see to it that he/she is not deprived of the freedom and power to strive.”

Black America, we have the power and the advocacy to accept that responsibility and move out to ESTABLISH THE COMMUNITY WE ALL WANT FOR OUR BLACK AMERICAN CHILDREN.

Kanye West has announced the launch of the presidential election.

Instead of backbiting. Call him to the side. In a Think Tank. Find out how serious this brother is, Black America without distressing around him in the public system. Follow the Biblical Scriptures and Scientific path in quality questions about his vision. Black Americans, we are using too much time hiding behind the criticism of one another It’s called INTERNALIZED OPPRESSION. We can’t accomplish our goals by tearing down our brother’s or sister’s vision. We become stagnant. And, I don’t think any human being want to stop his or her brother or sister’s vision to eradicate RACISM, our greatest obstacle to constructively moving in and within the Humanity Society Mainstream as Black America.

Just An Opinion I ask Black Americans to Consider.

Respectfully Submitted

Gloria J HUNT Keith Parent-educator


July 9, 2020

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