ARE WE THERE YET. BLACK AMERICA? Black Americans Are Always The Last In Every Good Thing.

Black Americans historically, encouraged, coerced, continually, to help others outside uourselves, our families, our communities. Including those we have reasons to fear, extensively. In general, the encouragement has had good results for others. But not for those who need the most assistance, Black America. Its children. Its family. And, Ourselves. Black America.

Anger won’t help nor resolve this problem. Bitterness at others is not justified.

We must use the same weapon for ourselves as we, Black America, used for others, nationally and globally, LOVE.

Black Americans start out of the gates to help other Black Americans in every charitable situation. Then, history of doing good for someone else beside the Black American kicks in. Before you know it, our task board is filled with doing all these goods that were more necessarily needed for ourselves, have been given to someone else. However, Black America can use allies and money.

We will not beg. And, sometimes need to be reminded, who is at the bottom.

We, Black Americans, force ourselves believe, it is GOD’S PERFECT WILL. The lie that keeps Black Americans at the bottom of the barrel.

God’s Word states, “Charity begins at home, then spreads abroad.”

Are We There Yet? BLACK AMERICA? 2020

“Black Lives Matter”?

Of course we do.

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