Gloria Jean Hunt Keith Joins with 7 Powerful Spiritual Visionaries Think Tank on Eradicate Racism In America

The Work of One Man To Prove



Racism In America. ..
For many, many years, Overcoming OPPRESSION has been a major Objective as well as Subjective Research and Study Issue for the Arthur /Gloria J Keith Sr. Family. 

Though RACISM is only one,  yet a Specific form of many OPPRESSION FORMS  Operating  as a deciding factor in American Institutions,  both public and private.

Gloria Jean Hunt Keith Joins with Seven Spiritual Transformational Visionaries:IDA B WELLS, MADREE PENN WHITE,  WEB DUBOIS, ROSA PARKS, JAMES MEREDITH, QUEEN EFFIE DORIS SAIERS and HARVEY JACKINS …

Poem by Myron Hines, A classmate,  long-term friend and coworker,  past advocate  wrote  this very special poem to IDENTIFY  GLORIA J HUNT KEITH  March 1983
It appeared in ACTION SPEAKS BLACK COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER . ACTION SPEAKS was published and Editor-in-chief by Gloria J Hunt Keith


Give them praise before they’re gone to let them know the seed they have sewn have not gone unnoticed.

Let them know that someone cares That there is one who dares to

Mobilize the community’s paralysis. Stand strong behind her everyone. Work we must in Unison

Until we get the job done .

Then came Gloria ready to take up the fight

To do battle til dawn’s early light.

An uphill battle she will surely climb

She knows it will be a burden

As she can stubbornly see

Patience is not her best virtue.

She will not hesitate to take up an issue.

So she picked up some pieces of a scattered community.

Looked for some more and tried to establish unity.

She took up arms of mind ,body, soul, and will.

She went out in the crowd without fear of fight uphill

Do battle she did and so well does she fight.

She takes on things wrong and tries to make them right.

To have an army would be simply luxurious

But even without she is penurious. She has been known to not have abundant support .

For no matter the odds she would never abort.

She has the spirit of God and the heart of Linus

Spindex of the runner and the poise of a princess.

Her life on the line she would surely lay

For it is a debt to God she is certain to pay

She takes full advantage of a mind she has trained

And no matter the task she would never refrain

Strong is God’s love in her powerful belief

And her faith often gives her heart some relief

Strong is her desire to see us progress and Destined is her effort to be a SUCCESS  .

I bow to appreciate and thank you very much Myron Hines, my friend and supporter for many, many years. I guess you know you captured me in this,  well, my poem to a T…

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