Watch “Gloria Keith” on YouTube.  Notes of HERITAGE Excellence Education In Any Outlet…”EVERY CHILD BORN GIFTED “

Being a parent implies becoming an advocate, a preacher, Lawyer, an accountant, a teacher, a nurse, and much more. Parents hold their children’s guardianship, their proxy, their power of attorney, their custody, and their care. They are our children’s representatives in the adult society and the protectors of their legal and human rights. Parents have the responsibility of children’s care and development 24 hours, 365 days a year for as long as they remain dependent “. Lacrosse 1982. I am here to offer you best education to become this multifunctional Parent-educator to open doors for our children, GIFTED, INTELLIGENT, TALENTED BLACK AMERICAN CHILDREN and OTHERS LIKE THEM. Together, my husband and I vowed to be our children’s parent -educators. My husband worked to provide the economic base for our children as historical perspective of our parent-educators strategic Action Plans. Arthur J Keith Sr and I made this agreement, 1979.

Are you prepared to become your GIFTED CHILDREN Parent-educators, today? JULY 2020?

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