Preliminary Birth of My First Gifted Genuis

Gloria Jean Hunt Keith

The preliminary birth of my first Gifted Genius 1969-1971. I decided that I was going to New York, the home state of my boyfriend. He was about to ship out to Viet Nam for 2 years. We planned to be married when he returned. Sometimes the permissive will of God for your life changes into God’s Perfect Will before we realize it. It was Christmas, 1970, I was on America Airlines Flight back to Florida for Christmas with the family. Who would have thought it. While placing my bag overhead, a gentle soldier arose to assist me. I quickly looked around. It was Eddie, the boy I had a long genuine crush as a school girl. We never got together with him. We lived one home away. In other words, there was one family home between us. When I would sat on my family front porch, I would see Eddie going off to FAMU and when he returned home. Eddie was a Lady’s man. But, I felt this strong sense of emotional love for Eddie. Sometimes, while I was on the screened in front home porch, reading my Bible, Eddie came over to talk. He didn’t know I had a crush on him. Yet, he tried very hard to get me to fall for him. There was never time for him to learn of my crush for him. But, I’m sure he had some idea of me liking him. Eddie use to say before he would leave me, smiling on the porch, ” One day. One day, I will have you like I want you…” After sitting down on the Airplane, we began talking about our earlier years of our hometown and community. Eddie and I were going home for a Family Christmas. My New York City wedding was called off. Of course, I was truly distressed. But, it was God’s Will. My distress around my Brooklyn, NY wedding was whether it was God’s perfect or permissive will. Being on the same airplane traveling home with the person I had a school girl crush on was stimulation of positive mind motivation for me. It was very easy to accept as fact when Eddie repeated what he said to me before leaving me in my screened in front porch reading my Bible. He was determined to get me in bed with him. Eddie hadn’t grown sense his early years before going to war. Eddie and I spent a lot of time at home during the Christmas Holidays. My virginity was yet in tack. I was 18 years old. I was determined to remain a virgin until marriage. Eddie knew this. So, he added to his promise of having me for his own. What I knew or thought I knew when Eddie said things to emotionally through me off my vow to God and myself. I was determined to maintain my virginity until my marriage. Eddie ramped up his game to get me in bed when he would visit me in NYC from his Army Base in New Jersey.

Convinced that Eddie was going to marry me, there went my virginity at 19 years old. Of course, Eddie did not believe until he was convinced by his own selfish methods. For me, it was much too late.

I knew, immediately, I was with child. No one to tell my troubles to. Rather, no one who cared. I was intuitively warned that I would be with child provided I laid in bed with the man that I “loved”. And so, it happened. Within 5 days, a celebrity doctor on Park Avenue, Manhattan, New York , confirmed that I was with child. The doctor also gave me options. I decided to call Eddie’s mom in our hometown. That’s when I learned. Eddie was already engaged to an older woman school teacher. Their marriage announcement was in the New Jersey newspaper society page where Eddie was stationed. Oh, about 50 miles away from my East Bronx Boulevard Apartment building. Even closer to my 3rd Avenue Career Bookkeeper position with Piser’s Furniture Company, owned by two nice Jews,The Richard Brothers. I had recently trained for the position by a beautiful woman that held the position over 25 years. The owners, comptroller and thebookkeeper took me on as family after I completed my training as Cashier in a Manhattan Temp Company.

19 years old, my life made a drastic change. The question, good or bad? The decision I had to make alone. Oh, everybody I knew had something to say. Eddie’s mother was going to force Eddie to stop his wedding to the school teacher and marry me so I wouldnt have to loose my career position with Piser’s.

I was also chosen to be a part of a mixed celebrity group of singers making a Christmas Album in arecording studio over ………on 125th Street, Manhattan, NY C. Several of the singers, musicians, and I became friends. So, my secret was not a secret anymore. When I went back to my Park Avenue, Manhattan NYC Gynercologist, I knew what I was going to do. My baby was my center focus. My Jewish bosses wanted me to stay. Keep my job. My future Mother-in-law was forcing Eddie to marry me instead of the school teacher. Eddie’s Army Buddie came over, alone, one day to propose marriage to me. A new found friend. offered to marry me and an immediate home in Jamaica Queens, NY. Billy also wrote songs for and, before me, engaged to Shirley Ceasar. Billy’s cousin, Frank, also proposed marriage to me. No, I never had any sexual, neither any romance with either of these ‘For real’ men of color. I chose to have my baby. But, after returning to the south. I was not going to marry Eddie, nor anyone else, at that time. Two wrongs doesnt make a right. I. had my baby in Louisianna. Billy still wanted me for his wife and a father for my daughter. Billy flew all the way to meet me at mother’s home to ask for my hand in marriage with Mom’s blessings. My answer was still, No.

God for gave me.Then charged me with a mission to carry out through my pregnancyof my first child. UNBELIEVEABLE to many. Even today, 2020.


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