When We Give Of 0urselves To Save Humanity. We Are Saving Us

“I love the Bible passage reads, I paraphrase, God calls the young, because they are strong. God chooses the elders because they know the way.”

Together, we can win the battles against Racism. Today, June 15, 2020, was a day of reckoning for LBGT, I look at this Court Order as a plug for the war against Oppression form of SEXISM. RACISM. CLASS-ISM.. AGE-ISM. ADULTISM. etc….

I am happy about being at peace within about this matter of RACISM. I was given scholars for crash course under the mentorship of some of the Masterminds of Oppression across the earth. It is no coincidence that George Floyd and other bodies of our young were stolen from their mothers, fathers, families and from us.

Yet, we look to God, knowing that these Black and Brown SOULS, people of color, under-served individuals were honored, God gave the young souls, FAVOR. Everyone of the young under-served SOULS are already with God. The Spiritual Transformation of GeorgeFloyd entered with God, while their parent and other of God Angels were at the opening of the door when Angels of God returned to earth with us honoring us with their presence.

Therefore, this Oppression will be eradicated in spite of the Oppressor Agents and theie bosses.

The young because they are strong. The aged because they know the way.

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