The title has been my motto for many years. 2020 appears to be the year when more human beings are most deserving of the definition I envisioned , initially.

It’s not meant for the ones who do things so they can be favored. Nor for those who pay for approval everyday.

The actions of those that many look upon as the lay people or may consider their servants are the humanitarians who willingly give of themselves and what little they may have , spontaneously.

Those Professional Humanitarians who ask nor expect being given their worth.

Do you know there are persons who believe they are truly unworthy of anything?

There are also those who feel they are worthy of everything that you have and what others work all of their lives for.

My prayers are to be thankful for the blessings God’s Perfect Will for me. And, to never lust for what belongs to


Today, I praise God for all human beings within America and around the world for being PROFESSIONAL HUMANITARIANS. Choose any definition that makes you smile and love as God loves us.

Respectfully Submitted

Gloria J Hunt Keith


May 2020

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