Don’t Take This Lying Down

It’s no secret that Black Americans and other people of color are the highest level of affected Americans in the USA and perhaps Global, by this Coronavirus Pandemic.
Today, May 13, 2020, we, Black Americans can choose to continue our complaints about being number one victims or we, Black America, can seriously, revisit and reconsider visionary truth action plans set in written documents and experience by our elders with necessary changes made by our most trusting youth of today’s world changes, moving from the dreadful place of potential death into life everlasting here. In Earth as God willed it so.
We, Black Americans, profess being Bible scholars and believers. So tell me, is there any Biblical verse stating we shall not live in earth? No. Absolutely NOT. We have another opportunity to live setting our own standards to positively live life in earth. Let’s do this!

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