Main stream continues to capitalize on the elderly population by constantly referring to us as most vulnerable persons alive today and everyday. With this set mentality, the elderly does nothing ,but await death.

Why not encourage long life as God determines. Instead of vulnerability, Inspire and encourage the elderly VALUABILITY.

We, elderly know our purpose and would like to share our life purposes with mainstream. We live to encourage life of our young.

The last few years, I lived in dire homelessness with the young, very young, the elderly and others. I thought I had seen or experienced the most dangerous and most difficult time in my life until 2016-2018.

I experienced actually Job’s hell. I am 67 years old. Every tangible thing I had graciously and trufully accomplished was stolen from me. I wasn’t in physical condition to take back. Nor was anyone, including in legal status, willing to make the sacrifices to help me.

I finally found myself at the bottom . Either I would give us and ‘die’ or I would realize that my Life still had valuable purpose.

Once I realized that purpose, my life was restored.

I made the “one step”. God made the other two. Immediately, my life restoration continues as if those past 2 years in the wilderness never happened. Yet they did.

Though I am a 67 Black American Woman Suffragist, I continue with VALUABILITY in this human life.

I have more Faith and Hope in God because I never gave up my Miraclous belief in God, Our CREATOR of Life and all GOOD. I am yet a VALUABLE ELDERLY PROFESSIONAL HUMANITARIAN.

I have a lot of knowledge, wisdom and understanding of FAITH and HOPE in God. My personal relationship with God and Humanity allows me to know how to help others when desired and necessary.

Respectfully Submitted.

Gloria J HUNT Keith


Gloria J Hunt Keith
Gloria J Hunt Keith

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