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I could give you long stories of both. 1. DICTATORSHIP 2. DEMOCRACY. Yet, I want you to know what inspires, encourages, and also enhances my 2020 ELECTION vote decision, especially, my vote for USA President.

Dictatorship is Authoritarian Government. Dictatorship can only take us backward. Democracy allows every American citizen and those that decide to make America their homes, traditionally or non- traditionally, move forward. If Democracy didn’t work, Black men would not be where they are today. Democracy allowed 22 Black women to succeed further beyond expectation when one Black woman at Howard University had a vision passed it on to 22 other young Black women, which made 23 Black women aware of this vision. They supported the vision whole-heartedly. Using their understanding of American Democracy, the Black women drew up documents to legalize the visionary’s ideas. Because of Democracy, their written documents to organize this Black American Women’s group could not be stopped from succeeding in their action plans . There was a document, stamped and sealed and honored by President Truman. Just hours after Truman’s Inauguration, Madree Penn White, visionary of this documented Black Woman’s group, took her set with President Truman to declare an end to the terrible lynching of mostly, Black American Men in agreement with the 23 Black woman , Ida B. Wells, while White Women Suffragists were fighting to keep the 23 and more Black Women from the American Women Suffrage Parade 1913. Without Democracy., those 23 Black Women in 1913 would have never gotten to President Truman to end the lynching of Black Americans, especially Black males. Do you, Phillip Robinson want to struggle through Democracy to move forward with our children, our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren or do you, Phillip Robinson wish to return to the old days with DICTATORSHIP, TRUMP, as the AMERICAN PRESIDENT, USA? The 23 Black Women are yet growing today,. The last I checked, these 23 Black American Women have become a recognized largest organization of Black American Women, about 300,000. 2019. And, because of Democracy, Madree Penn White had a sit down with the USA President in 1961 to update the organization’s ACTION PLANS. America must maintain OUR DEMOCRACY. Who will maintain DEMOCRACY 2020-2024 as Presidential Leadership?

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